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Beauty is a concept completely based on human perception. Beauty is also
found on the inside, not on the outside. As Keats has famously quoted” Beauty
lies in the eyes of the beholder”, beauty totally depends on the person who
sees it. Beauty is something that is infinite, and sometimes it is extremely
rare. So, when someone says that he or she is beautiful just because his or her
outer appearance is, you need to understand that it is not everything. Beauty
is the collective measure of everything that is on your face and in your heart.

But inner beauty is something that does not appear the moment you meet someone. The moment you meet someone, the very first thing that you notice is how the person looks like. So, if someone is to discard outer appearance completely, that person will be wrong in several ways. Outer appearance matters, and it is also important to take care of your body and your skin. Here are some natural beauty tips for you.

SKINCARE TIPS: Skin is one of the most important parts of
our body. It is something of extreme importance, as well as sensitive. It is
important for you to take care of your skin more than anything else, because it
is exposed to sunlight, UV rays, dust, germs and pollution. It is one part of
our body that is always exposed, therefore vulnerable, and the vulnerability
shows. There are also several skin types. There are mainly 4 diff categories of
skin Viz. Oily, Dry, Sensitive &Normal .

The skincare routine that you have to follow,
has to be made according to your skin type. The major problems and also the
most common problems that affects the human facial skin are:

  • Acne
  • Breakout
  • Tanning
  • UV infection
  • Dark spots
  • Open

It is natural to lose the glow of your skin over a period of time. It is
also possible to acquire acne and tanning. But if you want to get rid of them,
the best way to do it is by a completely natural way.

You can apply yogurt and tomato on your face to reduce the tanning. Gram
flour, turmeric and olive oil make an amazing mask to regain the glow on your
face. For acne, try keeping your face clean at all times, and consult a doctor
if it is a problem of chronic acne. Try not to touch your skin often if you
have acne problems. To keep your skin cool and soothed, try applying a cucumber
paste on your skin. Other than these ways, if you want to have an overall
long-lasting effect on your skin, you have to drink a lot of water and exercise
regularly. You also have to keep in your mind that whatever you put inside your
body, shows its effect on your skin and hair. So, if you can keep your body
healthy, the natural glow on your skin will show up positively.


Beauty sure lies on the inside, but in order to enhance your physical appearance, you have to take care of both your skin and your body.