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Find Out The Trust Worthy Seed Producers

In this present day world, there are
several companies there in this field that produce cannabis
for different purposes. Some of them are Kentucky, seedsman seed
and sensi seed.

  • Kentucky
    was a greatest hemp seed producer in United States of America during the
    period 19th century and 20th century. They had
    thousands of acres for hemp cultivation. This company acts as biggest
    source of hemp fibers which is used for industrial and other purposes.
    This company started falling down after world war 1, because of rising in
    tobacco use and many other companies are arrived in this field so the
    competition become tough. In 1970 banned the production of industrial
    hemp. But in 2014 under the agricultural act of 2014 allow the cultivation
    again. Company again started hemp cultivation in 33 acres in 2014.
  • Seedsman
    seed is hemp Seed Company which is base in Spain, the company founded in
    2003. They market their hemp seed through online too. They established
    their own hemp seed in this field. Some of them are white widow, original
    skunk, early skunk and power plant. In 2011 they release their auto
    flowering seed. For the potential therapeutic use of cannabidiol they
    released high CBD seed collection in 2016. They sell their product through
    online websites which helps to reaches maximum costumers.
  • Sensi
    seed is Dutch based company in Amsterdam they produced cannabis seed.
    Sensi seed company also known as sensi seed bank. The company was launched
    in 1985. This company is very largest and oldest company which produces
    hemp seed exists in the world. Also they have the world’s largest hemp
    seed bank. Ben Dronkers is the founder of hemp seed company sensi seeds.
    He also founded Amsterdam’s hash, marihuana and hemp museum.

Apart from this, there are other
companies also in world. But some countries cannabis is completely banned
because of several reasons. For example in Islamic countries they banned
cannabis in the basis of their religious views, in Islam weed, alcohol and
other drugs are completely prohibited. In other countries hemp is banned
because of miss using of it. If it used as drug they become addicted to it and
causes several mental and health issues. Also crimes are increased because of
drug addiction, when someone use this as drug they become abnormal and they
don’t know what they are doing actually, eventually they become consuming their
whole money to this leads to a financial problem to him and also leads to
family problems.