Your Guide to Starting a Family

The decision to start a family is an exciting one. While no plan ever goes exactly as planned, there are ways to be more successful as you enter parenthood. In order to make your next adventure in expanding your family a success, there are some things you might want to think about ahead of time. From preparing your home to nurturing your relationship, there’s much to do before the pregnancy even begins.

If you’re considering planning a family, follow this guide to get off to a good start.

Preparing Your Home


Unless you have personal experience with living with a toddler, you may not currently realize how important it is to be home-ready when your baby arrives. Start with cleaning and home repairs before moving on to things like baby proofing. When your family expands, you won’t have as much time for deep cleaning jobs like pressure washing, carpet cleaning, gutter cleaning, and more. Your best bet to be ready is to do a quick Google search with your location and the service you’re looking for like “Expert window cleaning near Cary, NC” or “Window sills replacement near Chapel Hill, NC.”

If you aren’t a homeowner or if you think your home’s too small for a growing family, another option is to sell your house and get a bigger place or become a first-time homeowner. Licensed realtors at a place like Blowing Rock NC real estate, for example, could help you find a new home or condo to meet your growing needs.

Sealing Your Bond and the Shared Dream


Clean windows, a new place, and even customer satisfaction after the perfect power pressure service job won’t be enough to prepare for what’s coming next. Once you have your home set up, look back inward at the relationship. Before starting a family, it’s important to address any underlying issues you might have. Whether it be expectations, money, or trouble with the in-laws, finding ways to compromise and spend quality time together will pay off.

When your baby comes, there won’t be as much time for romance as you have now. Treat your wife like a girlfriend or husband like your crush. Consider ways to spoil each other by searching for things like gifts for your girlfriend or the gifts men love. While you’re at it, work on your bond by finding a hobby or activity you can do together. Something like joining a local fitness center and working out together will help your relationship thrive as you make these next steps forward.

Decisions and Conversations Around Parenting


When spending time together, don’t forget to start talking about long term plans for your family. Discuss your ideas on parenting and how you were raised individually. Consider family traditions and what you will and won’t want to carry on with your baby. Topics could include the following:

  • Shared roles and responsibilities – who will do what?
  • Religion and values – what do you hope to pass on?
  • Finances and major decisions – how will you make those calls?
  • Hopes and dreams for your child – what are yours?
  • Fears and concerns about expanding your family – what are they, and how can you support each other through them?
  • Timelines – when will you start your family, and what will let you know you’re ready?

At the end of the day, good communication, a solid plan, some prep work ahead, and your own excitement are the best tools you can bring to the table when it comes to starting a family. As you push toward this exciting new goal, remember to take time out for connection, fun, and relaxation. While parenthood is a gift, it can be tiring, too. Spend this last bit of time together alone wisely. One day, you’ll look back on these memories and wonder where the time has gone.