5 Great Tips to Stay in Shape

Staying in shape isn’t just about looking good. Keeping your weight in check goes a long way in terms of both your present and future health and wellbeing. We all want to live a healthier life, but not all of us know how to achieve this without dedicating hours each day to going to the gym and completely changing our diets.

The truth is, changing up your daily routine and implementing new, simple habits is much easier and less time consuming than one might imagine. We are going to go over some of the best ways to stay in shape from the outside to the inside. At the end of the day looking good is definitely important for one’s self esteem, but the state of your health on a cellular level is even more important.

1. Start taking a daily supplement.


Supplements may seem like just a new crazy fad in this day and age, but they can be very healthy additions to your daily intake. From CBD (cannabidiol) oil to cellular renewal supplements like spermidineLIFE, there are so many different dietary supplement products on the market to choose from. Supplements like spermidineLIFE work by activating your body’s own cellular renewal process called autophagy, which helps keep your cells healthy and operating at the highest efficiency. While this dietary supplement may have an unusual name, spermidineLIFE is recognized by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) as very safe and effective.

That being said, being aware of side effects, even when you’re using natural dietary supplements, is always important. Be sure to talk with your doctor about what types of supplements would be right for you and your physical wellbeing.

2. Implement a simple, but effective, daily workout routine.


You don’t have to run five miles per day or get on an elliptical until you feel like you might pass out in order to stay healthy and fit. Participating in group workout classes such as kick-boxing, yoga, and Pilates is a great way to stay in shape without overexerting your body and spending the whole morning or evening in the gym.

If you prefer to work out in the privacy of your own home, there are some great videos online to help you get started on a routine. When it comes to working out, it’s much easier to maintain a simple routine rather than set extremely high and unattainable goals for yourself. You don’t need to buy a ton of sports gear either—the racerback bralette you have on is fine. Get relaxed, put on one of your comfy bralettes with support and do some simple floor workouts to kick start your new workout routine.

3. Eliminate or reduce the amount of processed food you consume.


It’s no secret that, collectively, we eat a ton of processed food in the United States. Over time, this can be detrimental to our waistline, the functionality of our organs and arteries, and our mental well being. Whole foods such as fruits and vegetables help our bodies build healthy cells, normal cell function and assist in many of our body’s own process of detox and renewal.

It’s not easy breaking the habit of eating processed and fast foods, but if you can slowly phase out those habits, you will feel and look much healthier.

4. Take a walk or bike instead of drive.

This trend isn’t possible for everyone, especially those who live in more rural areas of the country. If it’s possible for your lifestyle, try to start your schedule a little earlier and plan on walking or biking to your job, the grocery store or to visit friends. This will not only be advantageous to your health, but it will also save gas money and reduce your carbon footprint.

5. Get plenty of rest.


Getting enough rest each night is vital to our health in every way, but especially for our physical well being. Years of scientific research shows that prolonged sleep deficiency is linked to kidney disease, high blood pressure, stroke, an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. Be kind to your body and allow it to repair and heal itself in the most natural way possible.