How To Care for Splitting Nails

Nobody enjoys having a split nail, especially if you need to work or go to an important event. Split nails may be a fact of life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t repair them. While your nails often neglected when it comes to crafting a wellness routine, it’s worth investing some time in your nail health. Some of the root causes of nail splitting can be related to genetics or a medical condition, but most often, nail damage is sustained through simple day-to-day accidents or stress. That means there are plenty of steps you can take to improve your nails. Ignoring the cleanliness and condition of your nails can lead to negative side effects in the future, both for your health and for their appearance. If you find that your nail is damaged, read on to learn some more about what you can do to care for your splitting nails.

What causes split nails and how can you treat them?


A split nail can be caused by a number of things, including wear and tear, physical stress, or nutrient deficiency. Unfortunately, split nails are common and almost impossible to avoid entirely. Your fingernails and toenails are made of individual layers of keratin. A split nail involves a fracture in those layers, characterized by a crack in nail. They can be horizontal or vertical and can even split the nail in two on occasion.

Moisture can also damage the nail and weaken it, making it more brittle and more susceptible to cracks. Biting your nails or picking at them can also cause breakage, as can many types of injury or trauma. Fungal and bacterial infections are another possible cause of weakened, brittle, or cracked nails. Anyone with psoriasis may also find themselves more predisposed to damaging their nails. Up to 78 percent of those with psoriasis experience nail issues.

How can you protect your nails in the future?


You might be wondering if there’s a splitting nails treatment that can help. Whether you have a split nail currently or are trying to prevent them in the future, some love and care is always a good first step. The best way to deal with splitting nails is to be proactive and take care of your nails so they don’t split. A thorough nail regimen includes everything from trimming to buffing to polishing, and you should always take extra care to ensure that your hands are clean, as are any tools you use on them. The last thing you want is an infection or any kind of contamination under your nail bed.

It’s easy to search “gel manicure near me” and find a salon that can help, but it can be even more convenient to invest in some products that can help you give yourself a manicure at home. Not only can this save you money over time, but it also gives you the ability to fix any imperfections, smears, or cracks right away. Stick-on gel nails can be a great option for anyone who wants to make the process as easy as possible, as well as being simple to remove.

Anyone who has a split nail or consistent issues with nail damage should consider revamping their wellness routine to try to improve the condition of their nails, cuticles, and nail bed. There are a lot of treatments and products that can help, many of which don’t even require you to leave your home. However, if you find that your nails are in rough shape on an ongoing basis, it may be worth spending the money to go see a technician. Not only can a nail technician help you make your nails look beautiful again, they can also provide advice and help you develop a routine that can better help improve the condition and speed up the growth of your nails. While you’ll never be able to completely avoid nail splitting, it’s worth taking the steps that you can to protect your nail health.