4 Simple Ways to Get the Best Beauty Sleep of your Life!

Do you want to know the secret to not looking tired? It’s… not being tired! They don’t call it beauty sleep for no reason, you know.  A good night’s rest can offer the kind of results no skin-care product can mimic. Brough to you by the fabulous girls at Doll Beauty, here are 4 simple ways you can get the best beauty sleep of your life…

1. Light

First of all, we put such a premium on light-filled, spacious rooms these days.  Of course, this is ideal during the day…  but a room filled with light is the last thing you want when you are trying to nod off.  It is essential to be able to control the amount of light that comes into your room. The simplest way to do this is to combine a blackout blind with a voile curtain.  This will allow natural light to enter during the day, but keep your room pitch black during the night.

Blackout blinds, like the ones here, will keep out any light from the street.  They will also stop you waking at the break of dawn as the day’s first light shines through.  During the day, the voile can be pulled across your window to give you some privacy.  And you can get some really pretty ones.  I have lovely, shabby chic ruffled voile curtains in my bedroom.  They let in a good amount of light during the day, while maintaining privacy, so my room doesn’t seem dark and depressing.

2. Colour

The colour of your bedroom is important too.  While it’s fun to have your favourite colour painted on the wall, or as a featured motif, it might not always be the best idea.  This is because it is a smart idea to keep bedrooms and their walls neutral and minimal in order to promote relaxation and a better sleep.  This means busy patterns and bright colours are out. Blue is a traditional color for the bedroom as it’s seen as restful.  But you need to be careful that you accessorize it well with some soft and fluffy furnishings.  Otherwise, it can look too cold and institutional.  And that’s not relaxing either!

3. Bed

Obviously, the bed is the major piece of furniture in your bedroom.  Getting the right one is important when you are putting your perfect bedroom together.  I recommend getting the largest bed you can fit into your space, so that you have loads of room to spread out and move about during the night.  I have two kids under 4 who always end up in our bed by the morning.  The best thing my husband and I ever did was go out and buy a king… my only regret is that we didn’t get a super king!

Also, consider the style of bed that your purchase.  Yes, it needs to go with the decor of your room, but don’t choose style over substance here.  While ornate beds with footboards look wonderful, taller people often can’t stretch out properly in this style.  A divan is a great option, and you can dress it well with luxe fabrics to achieve the look you want.

4. Organization

Lastly, it’s vital to have an organized bedroom space.  Clutter and disorganization only breed stress.  If you are prone to leaving your dirty washing on the floor or collecting a variety of glasses and mugs over the course of the week, then this advice is for you!  Make sure you take just five minutes a day to do a quick tidy of your room and put things where they need to be before you try to sleep.  Help yourself by getting some clever and stylish storage solution.